About Us

Who We Are

At FC Brownsville, we not only pursue excellence on the field, but we also value personal growth and passion for the game. We are looking for committed and passionate players who want to be part of something big. Here, you will not only find talented teammates, but also dedicated coaches who strive to develop your skills and foster a supportive environment. We believe in building lasting friendships as we work together to achieve our sporting goals.


Develop and nurture local talent through football, providing young athletes with opportunities to reach their full potential both on the field and in life. We seek not only to train excellent soccer players, but also responsible citizens committed to their community.


Be recognized as a benchmark in the development of local talent, building a solid path to sporting and personal success. We aspire to be a source of inspiration and pride for our community, creating a pool of exceptional players who honorably represent the club’s values.


Active collaboration with the local community through participation and social responsibility programs.
Contribution to the social and cultural development of the community.

Construction of a solid identity and a sense of belonging to the community.
Celebrating local culture and proudly representing the region in competitions.

Commitment to the personal and sporting growth of each player.
Focus on technical, tactical, physical and mental training.